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FHA, VA and USDA Mortgages 

Continental Funding Corp. offers many FHA mortgage programs. These programs are insured by the Federal government, and because of this, the guidelines to qualify for a mortgage are relaxed. It is generally easier to obtain a government insured mortgage than a conventional mortgage, because it is backed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The FHA programs come with fixed or adjustable rate terms and can help with many situations. 

Continental Funding Corp. offers many VA mortgage programs. These programs can only be used by eligible veterans. Eligible veterans must first obtain a Certificate of Eligibility from the Veterans Administration, in order to apply for this mortgage. If you need assistance with this, Continental Funding can help you through the process. The VA programs are available with no money down and relaxed qualifying guidelines. There is no monthly mortgage insurance premium with these programs. 

Continental Funding Corp. offers the USDA mortgage program.  For eligible properties, you are able to purchase the propetry with 100% financing.  There are income restrictions and property guidelines that must be met.  If you need assistance in determining eligibility, we can help with this.

Special First Time Home Buyer Mortgages 

Since 1989, Continental Funding Corp. has always specialized in obtaining financing for First Time Home Buyers. We have become experts on knowing what special programs are available in order to put a family into the house of their dreams. Whether you have no credit, limited income or limited savings, Continental Funding Corp. can help you through the maze of programs to find the right mortgage product for you! 

All types of Credit History considered 

Continental Funding Corp. understands there are many different credit profiles to work with. We are able to offer very competitive mortgage programs for people with credit that has been damaged over the years. Whether you have had a Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Loan Modification, Collection Accounts or just some late payments, we have mortgage programs for each situation. It is worth looking into your options to see if you can become a homeowner too! There is no cost or obligation for us to run and analyze your credit.

Rehabilitation (Rehab) Mortgages 

Continental Funding Corp. offers programs for people who want to renovate their existing property or purchase a property that needs work to be done to it. This allows you an opportunity to buy a property or renovate your own home, and get a substantial boost in your equity, after your work is completed. This “sweat equity” can be very beneficial to you as a homeowner. 

FHA Reverse Mortgages 

Continental Funding Corp. offers a complete line of Reverse Mortgage products, including the popular FHA Reverse Mortgage. This program is designed for senior homeowners, 62 years of age or older, who have equity in their home and want to borrow money, without ever having to pay it back until they permanently leave their home. It is a government insured program that allows you to take some of the equity out of your home in the form of a line of credit, lump sum amount or a tax free (consult a tax professional) monthly dollar amount deposited into your bank account.  All 3 options can be combined as well.  It is a flexible program that may suit your needs in retirement.. The property does have to be maintained as your primary residence. The reverse mortgage program does require you to pay your property taxes and homeowners insurance. 

Commercial Mortgages 

Continental Funding Corp. offers a complete line of Commercial Mortgage programs that can be used for apartment buildings, office buildings, strip malls,mixed use, restaurants, etc. The subject property is looked at carefully for qualification purposes. These programs are available to borrowers with fair to good credit. 

Continental Funding Corp. (NMLS #2723) is licensed in MA, CT, RI, NH, and FL.  MA Broker License MB #2723, CT License #3687, Rhode Island Licensed Loan Broker, Licensed by the New Hampshire Banking Department, FL License #MBR18.  CT - MORTGAGE BROKER ONLY, NOT A MORTGAGE LENDER OR A   MORTGAGE CORRESPONDENT LENDER.  MA -  AS A BROKER, WE DO NOT MAKE, BUT ARRANGE LOANS.  These materials are not from HUD or FHA and we are not approved by HUD or a government agency.

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